Understanding the data (error) generating processes for data validation

A data consumer's guide to validating data based on the failure modes data producer's try to avoid

A Tale of Six States: Flexible data extraction with scraping and browser automation

Exploring how `Playwright`'s headless browser automation (and its friends) can help unite the states' data

Embedding column-name contracts in data pipelines with dbt

dbt supercharges SQL with Jinja templating, macros, and testing -- all of which can be customized to enforce controlled vocabularies and their implied contracts on a data model

Causal design patterns for data analysts

An informal primer to causal analysis designs and data structures

Generating SQL with {dbplyr} and sqlfluff

Using the tidyverse's expressive data wrangling vocabulary as a preprocessor for elegant SQL scripts. *(Image source [](*

Introducing the {convo} package

An R package for maintaining controlled vocabularies to encode contracts between data producers and consumers

Column Names as Contracts

Using controlled dictionaries for low-touch documentation, validation, and usability of tabular data