Oh, I'm sure it's probably nothing

How we do (or don't) think about null values and why the polyglot push makes it all the more important

Using databases with Shiny

Key issues when adding persistent storage to a Shiny application, featuring {golem} app development and Digital Ocean serving

How to Make R Markdown Snow

Much like ice sculpting, applying powertools to absolutely frivolous pursuits

A lightweight data validation ecosystem with R, GitHub, and Slack

A right-sized solution to automated data monitoring, alerting, and reporting using R (`pointblank`, `projmgr`), GitHub (Actions, Pages, issues), and Slack

Workflows for querying databases via R

Simple, self-contained, reproducible examples are a common part of good software documentation. However, in the spirit of brevity, these examples often do not demonstrate the most sustainable or flexible workflows for integrating software tools into large projects.

Building a team of internal R packages

On the jobs-to-be-done and design principles for internal tools

Generating SQL with {dbplyr} and sqlfluff

Using the tidyverse's expressive data wrangling vocabulary as a preprocessor for elegant SQL scripts. *(Image source [](*

Introducing the {convo} package

An R package for maintaining controlled vocabularies to encode contracts between data producers and consumers

crosstalk: Dynamic filtering for R Markdown

An introduction to browser-based interactivity of htmlwidgets -- no Shiny server required!

Column Names as Contracts

Using controlled dictionaries for low-touch documentation, validation, and usability of tabular data